Uncle ChuWi

Uncle ChuWi is a comedic personality whose real names are DAVID SHULA MUBANGA SATA. He was born on the 8th of September 1993. He is the first born in a family of six. His journey in comedy started at the age of six in church plays and school acts. His first professional casting was in an advert by Trade Kings Limited at the age of thirteen and he went on to do his most popular advert also with Trade Kings where he played the memorable character ” Mr Love to Chew”, working with Multi Award winning Entertainment icon “MAN POPO” at the age of fifteen.
Returning to the media industry years later as Uncle ChuWi, the name pronounced as “UNCLE CHEWY” but written as “UNCLE CHUWI”. His comedic talents include stand up comedy, sattire, musical comedy , dance comedy and Master of ceremony. He is currently working on a movie writtten by the legendary Media talkshow host Innocent “Smooth Ik” Kalaluka.
In 2018, Uncle ChuWi intends to share his personality to the masses out there lacking laughter. So expect him more on radio talkshows,vines,TV talkshows,Adverts ,Music videos and Movies.

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